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Desulfurization gypsum drying machine_Desulfurization gypsum drying equipment

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    Desulfurization gypsum dryers
    It as the above article said Desulfurization gypsum drying equipment,As power plant flue gas wet desulfurization by-product, in today's energy shortage in the environment, is to use as much as possible. Through continuous research, we found that the use of desulfurization gypsum is very extensive, compared with natural stone, the grade is very high, generally more than 90%; this makes up for the high grade of natural gypsum reserves of small, low output, the product away from the major defects of the land. Traditional desulfurization gypsum drying equipment can be a lot of options, but how to choose their own desulfurization gypsum drying equipment? Changzhou drying equipment Co., Ltd. difficulty as a design dozens of sets of desulfurization gypsum drying equipment production line of business, has accumulated lots of desulfurization gypsum drying process of experience.
    Desulfurization gypsum drying equipment
    At firsy we should learn about the related data about drying machine:The initial moisture content is about 10%, and the water content of the dry is less than 3%, the output is defined as 16 tons per hour.Just as this kinds,we should do some calculations:(See detailed in Calculation purpose of drying process
    Dried inventory:G=(1-0.03)×16000=15520kg/h;Evaporation water component:W=1245kg/h H2O ;As the temp of environment about 15℃,Evaporation of water as 595kcal/kg•℃,And heating system can be devided into four parts:Qtotal=Q1+Q2+Q3+Q4, QQ-provided by a dry medium (220) air, according to the energy conservation, the dry medium (air) provided by the heat is equal to the heat required for the whole system,Required heat is Qtotal(kcal/h);The heat source chooses the direct fired hot air stove, according to the experience, the air temperature is higher than 220℃.Q1-The heat required to evaporate,Mixing temp as 100℃;Q2-Absorb the heat required,Specific heat as 0.3 and Temp of Discharge as 50℃;Q3-Remove wet heat,Humidity temperature as 90℃,Required of air quantity L(kg/h);Q4-Required of heat,as 15% Qtotal;So:Get:L=40539kg/h just for ensure yield,get allowance of 10%,So:The amount of air required for desulfurization gypsum drying system:L=40539×1.1=44593kg/h;Heat required by the whole system:Qtotal=44593×49.2=2193980kcal/h;As 15℃ the air volume in drying process:37007m3/h;as 90℃ the air volume in drying process:46115m3/h;Tube bundle diameter:D={4×L/(π×V×3600)}0.5 ; V1Straight's wind speed16m/s (as common 15-18m/s),V1=1.009   Round the whole as:D=1.01m;V2Wind speed of pulse tube12m/s (as common 10-15m/s),V1=1.166 Round the whole as:D=1.17m;Fan model:9-26-14D 160kw (960r/min);air volume:38126m3/h~46057m3/h  pressure volume:6647Pa~6364Pa;Air duct's height:21m。
    Drying method of desulfurization gypsum drying machine
    Using direct fired hot blast stove as heat source, cyclone dust collector and bag pulse dust collector. The use of air flow drying performance of dry desulfurization gypsum material, and in line with the requirements of the previous.
Desulfurization gypsum drying equipment
Desulfurization gypsum dryers
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