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Urea formaldehyde slow release fertilizer dryers_Slow release fertilizer drying machine

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Slow release fertilizer drying machine
In the market, the dominant position. Is the urea urea formaldehyde polymer derivatives obtained by processing raw materials with urea and aldehyde as. This is characterized by the slow release of nitrogen, which allows the plant to obtain nutrition, can effectively reduce the leaching loss. Mainly used in the fields of vegetables, fruits, horticulture and so on. In the process of slow release fertilizer drying, taking into account that the product is smaller than the particle size of the powder, so in the selection of drying equipment, there are two ways:First as the Urea formaldehyde resin drying machine can be dried by this machine;The other one is the production of combined drying equipment with the combination of the fluidized bed drying and micro powder drying. And the drying simulation test of equipment and the calculation of the energy consumption of the equipment, it is decided to adopt the micro - powder fluidized bed dryer in the process of slow release fertilizer drying.
Urea formaldehyde release fertilizer drying equipment
The main components of the micro - powder fluidized bed drying equipment used in the process of urea - formaldehyde release fertilizer:Micro powder dryer, multi chamber fluidized bed dryer, tail gas treatment (cyclone and bag dust collector), air blower, air heating system.Urea formaldehyde slow release fertilizer need to be dehydrated by screw feeder and set into drying equipment.At first,the powder will be through primary drying machine,Equipment this the heat source of the device mainly comes from the hot air and electric heater returned by the second dry section bag filter. The urea formaldehyde slow release fertilizer is in the fluidized state in the micro powder drying apparatus and the heat exchange is carried out with the hot air. After drying the material of the micro - powder dryer, the material is rotating with the action of the air, and the fine powder which is obtained by the cyclone is fed into the multi - chamber fluidized bed drying equipment for two times.It can be shown about fluidized bed drying machine through Animation demonstration of horizontal fluidized bed dryer.Finally, the material from the bottom of the discharge port, exhaust gas after the bag filter.
Urea formaldehyde slow release fertilizer drying equipment
According to other data,we can learn about,we should keep the temp no more than 124℃,and its quolity will bot change,which is mainly caused by evaporation of water;But when the heating temperature is over 135℃, the quality of the change is very obvious.So we ensure the temp will be controled between 100 to 120℃.The inlet air temperature is 240℃,The wind temperature is 120℃.The device structure is shown below:
Slow release fertilizer drier
The above about slow release fertilizer drier.Among 1-Circulating air blower;2-Heat exchanger;3-Electric heating box;4-Micro powder dryer;5-Bag filter;6-Fluidized bed dryer;7-Fluidized air heater;8-Air blower;9-Air filter;10-Induced draft fan;
In the process of the urea formaldehyde release fertilizer, the drying process of the combined drying equipment mainly based on the fluidized bed dryer is used for drying and dewatering. At present in the chemical industry, the fluidized bed dryer is also very common drying equipment.As the mainly production in our company,fluidized bed drying machine can be widely used in the industry of Sodium silicate dryersSodium chloride drying machine氯化钠干燥Polyester fiber dryersCopper sulphate drying machine五水硫酸铜 and so on,if you would like to know more about the technical details of the dry technical details of urea formaldehyde release fertilizer, welcome to call us to discuss with our company.Tel:13809072359!

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