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Handle with black tea by spray drying machine

Time:2015-11-14  Creator:Yi Du

    Tea is one of the characteristics of China, tea culture has a long history, along with the continuous development of science and technology of tea processing technology is also growing. In the process of tea, will produce a large number of tea waste, we call the foot end of tea. Large quantity, if the direct sale, the price is relatively low. But if the second development, into a higher level of tea products, economic benefits will increase a lot of. This is our common instant Black Tea.
    Now the instant Black Tea is common, but in the early, treatment of our country is still relatively backward. In the boiling water as extraction agent, the obtained tea juice concentrate drying into instant tea. The instant tea in terms of appearance, or taste, taste is not very good, and the great loss,and it will appear “Cold muddy”.
    And let we look the situation in foreigner,and we found an effective way to solve this problem.Using β-CD solution immersion or extraction of tea at the end,and carried out Spray drying equipment to dry,and get the finished production ——Instant tea.Quality, win the market.
   A little to say here is: product of instant tea is fine powder, mixing operation in need in the cooling rate. To this end, ease of drying drying process in the spray dryer before, there is a continuous mixer. Mix a certain volume of air (inert gas) into a certain volume of tea juice. Such tea juice will produce a bubble, will be a certain pressure to produce these bubbles of tea juice into the spray nozzle.
    The above said is “Foam spray drying method”In this equipment,The volume of tea juice and gas can be controlled by the flow meter. It can produce larger particles, hollow loose, instant good instant tea.Spray drying equipment is our flagship product,Products are now in service in the major production lines, all over the country, sold overseas. The company has a small spray dryer experimental prototype, you are welcome to carry out the experiment.

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