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        Sodium citrate driers
        Sodium citrate is common one as food addition,it can be widely used in the industry of medicine.Industry production of drying process,neutralization reaction between citric acid and sodium hydroxide which as the raw material,and there are different in the last parts,but at the end it need to be finished of concentrated crystallization, centrifugation and drying.And we can learn that it is necessary as the important parts in the dring process.And how to drying it?And how to select sodium citrate driers?
        Sodium citrate drying equipment
        It can be called as sour sodium,It is derive from Citric acid (click and check Citric acid dryermethod).Our company as a professional design of drying equipment, the company is currently in citric acid products also have good results.Our company product Ferrous citrate drying equipmentPotassium citrate drying machine柠檬酸钾Calcium citrate drying equipment had been designed by us,and made by us.These drying equipment in the domestic large-scale food additives manufacturers put into operation for many years, efficient drying process, stable drying quality, is our company is different from other drying equipment companies the biggest and most essential difference. In the process of drying, the use of a vibrating fluidized bed dryer for drying and drying is recommended.
        Sodium citrate drier
        Fluidized bed drying is the first choice of drying mode of solid drying,and fluidized is replace as ——Vibration fluidized bed drying equipment is designed and made.Using the drying equipment, wet material from the feed inlet enters the drying chamber, hot air from the bottom and blows, a suspended state; vibration force generated by the vibration motor, along the horizontal direction throwing move forward continuously. In this process, the heat exchange with the hot air continuously, the wet air after the cyclone separator is discharged from the exhaust outlet, and then discharged from the discharging port.
        Sodium citrate drying equipment
        Sodium citrate drying equipment is one of our famous production in our company,at present therer are sample machine in our workshop,if you want to order,or want to learn more about drying equipment,please contact us directly.
Sodium citrate driers
Sodium citrate drying machine
Sodium citrate drying equipment
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