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Polyester chip fluidized bed drying technology

Time:2015-11-14  Creator:Yi Du

    Drying polyester chip with fluidized bed drying machine.The drying equipment has simple structure, high drying rate and good quality of finished product. When using a fluidized bed drying polyester chip, we found that when the amount of dry mass, or the beginning of the material is higher, there will be a phenomenon of uneven drying. After many studies, we found that the reason for this problem is the use of a fluidized bed dryer.
    As Selection of fluidized bed drying machine 》,we speak of a single layer and a multi - layer fluidized bed dryer.The main disadvantage of the single layer fluidized bed dryer is that the time of the drying of the material in the drying equipment is not consistent, resulting in a high degree of moisture content of the product after drying. With the continuous understanding of the fluidized bed drying technology, we found that if the use of a multi - layer fluidized bed dryer, you can make the material more uniform drying.
    Stay dry pet into the drier from the top of the bed, then gradually down, finally receive the material from the bed. And hot air and material into the opposite way, blowing in from the bottom of the bed, rising, and material contact. Finally, from the top of the bed discharge. The process of material and air contact is a kind of reverse flow process, it can effectively avoid the problem of the residence time of the material in the fluidized bed dryer, and the dry effect is improved with the hot air. The use of a multi - layer fluidized bed dryer has more advantages in the thermal efficiency than the single layer. The hot air and the material's contact many times, the exhaust gas in the content of moisture content is more.
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    The movement of polyester chip in the fluidized bed dryer is shown in the picture above.In picture:1-Air filter;2-Blower;3-Heater;4-Hopper;5-Host drying machine;6-Discharge pipe.
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The polyester chip is loaded into the hopper by the pretreatment, and the air is transported to the top of the fluidized bed dryer. Polyester chips continue to fall, dry, and finally discharged from the discharge pipe. The air first needs to pass through the filter, and the air blower is sent to the heater to heat the air. After heating the air enters the drying equipment (from the bottom to the bottom) and the material is in contact with the material, and the air is dry.
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