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Ultra-Stable Zeolite dryers_Ultra stable Y type zeolite drying equipment

Time:2015-11-14  Creator:Yi Du

    Ultra-Stable Zeolite dryers
    Molecular sieve drying process has been one of the hottest topics in the drying industry in recent years,among as Ultra stable Y type zeolite drying equipment is famous.At present Ultra-Stable Zeolite dryers分子筛 is mainly as flash drying machine,we can sulute for customers Fault of ultra stable Y type zeolite flash drying equipment can be add some reform in the drying process,from The principle of ultra stable Y type zeolite drying equipment,further optimization of equipment.the machine we designed Drawing of ultra stable Y type zeolite drying equipment分子筛干燥机图纸 as different with other industry,Its drying efficiency and energy consumption of equipment are better than similar products. In the country of ultrastable molecular sieve production process of continuous improvement of the environment, many production facilities have also been replaced, such as plate and frame filter, vibration sieve. Using spray drying equipment of ultrastable molecular sieve drying, compared to traditional molecular sieve drying equipment, the higher heat transfer coefficient, drying efficiency is high, final moisture stable(See Modified molecular sieve drying machine and learn more).
    Ultra stable Y type zeolite drying equipment
    In the process of using spray drying equipment, we found that the adjustment of individual drying parameters can effectively improve the quality of the product.
    1 Atomizer nozzle aperture size will affect the particle size of zeolite products. If the nozzle is too small and easy to plug the situation.
    2 At the entrance of the rotary chamber, the larger the cutting area, the smaller the tangent velocity of the feed liquid, resulting in the increase of the droplet size.
    3 Spray pressure need to be controlled in 6-8MPa.
    4 Feed rate is too low will cause the material liquid in the nozzle in the speed too slow, resulting in atomization is not complete, need to adjust the feed rate.
    5 Ultrastable molecular sieve slurry temperature will also affect the quality of the final product. After the liquid temperature of 60℃ and then improve the temperature will not size effect. Material liquid temperature and product particle size is inversely proportional.
    If you want to learn more about the technical details, or to order a superstable molecular sieve dryer, direct contact with our company.

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