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Fragrant tablets spray drying method

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    The peony and rehmannia root, Ophiopogon japonicus several herbs brewed by Qingxiang tablets. The fragrance tablet has refreshing effect, huge market demand.
    Fragrant tablets spray drying method
    Because the ingredients are Qingxiang tablets with high sugar, the sugar high extract. The conventional drying method is not applicable. Is mainly a longer drying time, may make a loss on its effective components, in addition to granulation of the dried material, adding amount of excipient.After developpment of Chinese medicine spray dryer,it had been appear in the industry of Spray drying machine.
    Fragrant tablets spray drying machine
    1 Formula for the rate of dry powder:Dry powder yield=weight/(the extract content of solid dosage + accessories).In order to maximize the rate of dry powder, we carry on the contrast experiment to the auxiliary material,mainly as β—CD、Lactose、Silica gel powder and pure extract(Do not add any accessories).After experiment and calculation of the above formula,β—CD series's is highest.
    2 Factors influencing the drying effect: through orthogonal test, we found that the influencing factors of dry extract were Qingxiang tablets:The relative density of extract is >temp of inlet is > Extract feed speed.The best parameter is:Inlet air temperature and 190℃, extract into feeding speed of 10ml / min, the relative density is 1.12g/ml (according to the different technological requirements, the need to adjust parameters). Sorting according to influence factors, we found that the extract of relative density effects of very large, when the density increased, after atomization, the droplet diameter increased, the drying time is prolonged, and drying of powder moisture content will correspondingly increased; and vice versa.
    3 Monitoring active ingredients: corresponding compound Chinese traditional medicine, its effective composition is more complex. Indexes of effective components can not be easily found in the subsequent detection of drying effect. After many trials,we find “ Herbaceous peony ” can act as the index.As one of the active ingredients of the drug, and has the characteristics of being easily damaged by heat, so the detection of the composition can easily determine the effect of drying.

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