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Garlic powder drying technology process

Time:2015-11-14  Creator:Yi Du

    Garlic powder is a kind of seasoning which is good for human health. Detoxification, prevention of disease and other functions. Garlic powder processing: remove stalks, flap, soaking, peeling, to coating, rinsing, dry filter, low temperature crushing, drying, milling, screening and packaging.Now,our company had shared about drying technology:As freezing drying technology to dry garlic powder.
    First need to clear the requirements of garlic powder dry product:Garlic powder color:Whiteness 33.2;Fineness 250μm;Water content 4%;Allicin content 1.1%. In order to meet the above requirements, we studied the freeze drying technology and found some rules:
    1 Pre freezing and breaking of the garlic powder into the drying equipment. When the pre freezing rate is lower, the drying rate is higher.
    2 Garlic powder drying chamber pressure in the 66.65Pa, dry time at least.
    3 Effect of heating medium temperature. We know that the steam pressure difference between the surface and the surface of the material determines the drying rate, and the temperature of the sublimation surface determines the vapor pressure of the surface. So we can conclude that when the garlic powder is dry, the temperature of the heating medium can be improved. But after many experiments, we found that the sublimation surface is the lowest temperature of the whole material, so in the temperature control, the temperature of the heating medium should be no more than the freezing point temperature of the freezing point temperature is the highest value.
    4 Material thickness has a great influence on drying time, because the heat is conducted from the surface to the internal heat, so the more the material layer is, the greater the influence of the drying time.
    After many experiments and scientific calculation, we conclude that the thickness of the material layer is about 1 cm, the drying chamber pressure 66.65Pa, and the heating temperature is about 53℃.

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