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Nanometer Aluminum Oxide drying machine_Nanometer Aluminum Oxide dryers

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    Nanometer Aluminum Oxide dryers
    Nanometer Aluminum Oxide,white powder,and widely used.The above as 《Aluminum Oxide dry》,We share the relevant process flow. My company design and manufacture of drying equipment has been running smoothly for third years, good drying effect, meet the process requirements. Drying equipment is also needed for drying and dewatering in the process of production. As the production process is clearly different from the traditional process, in the process of drying is no longer suitable for traditional drying equipment. We have carried out deep research and many experiments on the characteristics of nano alumina drying, and put forward the design method of vacuum freeze drying equipment for drying.
    Nanometer Aluminum Oxide vacuum freeze drying equipment
    As the simple it is used sublimation,just as:The dry matter at low temperature and fast freezing, and then in a vacuum environment, so that the freezing of water molecules directly into water vapor. Material in the dry before always in a low temperature (freeze state), while the ice crystals are evenly distributed in the material, the sublimation process will not be due to dehydration and condensation phenomenon, to avoid the water vapor bubble, oxidation. Dry matter is porous, volume unchanged, very soluble in water. Preventing degeneration of dry material in the greatest degree. As one of the main products of our company ——vacuum freeze drying equipment,currently mainly used in food processing industry,just like Western medicine dryer and Lactobacillus dryers and so on.The working process of the machine is: the mixing of the inorganic and organic phase, the micro emulsion, the alkaline precipitation agent added to the micro emulsion, precipitation, filtration, washing, after the pre freezing (pre freezing process of 0.1-20℃/min,temp is -20℃~-90℃,and the time is 2-48h) after about 2-96h. Disperse the finished good, uniform particles, average grain diameter 5-20nm. The yield of specific surface area up to 400-600㎡/g.pore volume is 1.5-2.5cm³/g.The production process of the preparation method is controllable and reproducible, which can be used for mass production and high stability, and can be used as the standard substance of high specific surface area.
    The working principle of Nanometer Aluminum Oxide dryers
    My company design and manufacture of vacuum freeze drying equipment, the main components are: drying box, condenser, refrigeration unit, vacuum pump, heating / cooling device. The working principle of the drying equipment is to freeze the filter cake to the three phase point temperature, and then make the solid water (ice) directly into the water vapor in the vacuum condition. After treatment, the filter cake is fed into the frozen storage bin, and then fed into the drying bin for sublimation dehydration, and then in the postprocessing workshop packaging. Vacuum system is a sublimation drying chamber to establish low pressure conditions, the heating system to provide the material with sublimation latent heat, cooling system to the cold trap and drying chamber.
    Nanometer Aluminum Oxide drying machine
    Nanometer Aluminum Oxide drying machine get high efficiency radiation heating,it can be uniformly heated;High efficiency water trap is used to realize quick and easy operation. The oil and water separation is realized by using high efficiency vacuum unit and the water and oil separation is realized by adopting parallel centralized refrigeration system. The multi way is stable, the working condition is stable, the operation is convenient and the control precision is high. The quality requirements of the frozen dry products are: the biological activity, the appearance color is uniform, the shape is full, the structure is firm, the dissolution rate is quick, the residual water is low. To obtain high quality products, the theory and process of freeze-drying should have a more comprehensive understanding. Freeze drying process includes three stages: pre freezing, sublimation and re freezing. The reasonable and effective way to shorten the period of freeze drying has obvious economic value in industrial production.
Nanometer Aluminum Oxide dryers

Nanometer Aluminum Oxide drying machine

Nanometer Aluminum Oxide equipment

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