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Y-type zeolite molecular sieve drying machine

Time:2015-11-14  Creator:Yi Du

    The principle of Y-type zeolite molecular sieve:
    The appearance of white powder like micro crystal, forming after the white or red ball.Size of shape:Average particle size is 1.2μm,Finished is φ3~φ5mm,Bulk density is 700~800kg/m3,specific area is 900 1000m2/g (ultra stable Y type zeolite is 600m2/g),pore volume is 0.4cm3/g,Lattice damage temperature is 900~950℃,Aperture is 0.9~1.0nm,Stable in pH4~12.
    Y-type zeolite molecular sieve flash dryers
    As above 《The working principle of molecular sieve flash drying machine分子筛》,The molecular sieve material, the use of flash dryer has more advantages. Currently used Y type molecular sieve material is still using the flash dryer for drying. Schematic diagram of the equipment as follows.
Y-type flash drying machine
    Above is about Y-type flash drying machine.
    The advantages of Y-type flash drying machine
    1 Production capacity: higher compared to the traditional paddle dryer and spin flash dryer overcomes the fault more problems of maintenance trouble. Output is increased by 50%.
    2 Low energy consumption: We performed the energy budget, compared to the traditional drying equipment, using the flash dryer can save gas 0.774t, its production cost greatly reduced.
    3 Product quality improvement of flash drying equipment set hopper powder inspection, found uniform particle size, appearance and liquidity are in line with the requirements of product.
    4 Reduce the waste gas and dust emissions: flash dryer is equipped with cyclone separator and cloth bag dust collector, reducing the exhaust air exhaust dust content.
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