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Yam dryers

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    Yam is rich in nutritious vegetables.Name si dioscorea,In various parts of the name are not the same. For example, Sichuan called white potato, sweet potato is called wild Hunan, Hangzhou also called stephanotis. Although the names are different, but the value of the Chinese yam is higher. The main ingredients are: yam saponin, balgam, allantoin, choline, starch, protein, amylase, glycoprotein. From these main ingredients we can see the nutritional ingredients of yam is very rich, deep processing of Chinese yam also has a great market.Our company can be shared with Drying technology,welcome to contact us.Tel:13809072359
    In order to preserve the nutritional composition of yam, choose the dry equipment need to be cautious. Select the dry equipment need to take into account the output, and can not destroy the ingredients of yam. We recommend the use of vacuum freeze drying equipment.
    In the process of vacuum freeze drying of yam, there is a need to carry out a lot of experiments, the purpose is to get the common point temperature of yam.See Freeze drying stage-pre-freezeThe eutectic point of yam was tested by using resistance method, and the eutectic point of yam was -18 to -20℃.
    And the same as the vacuum drying of drugs is also required for the pretreatment. Of course, the pretreatment of plants is different. Generally experience the following steps: cleaning, peeling, slicing, loading plate。
    After the pretreatment, it is the pre freezing stage. Due to the total crystal point of the test, it can be determined by the pre freezing temperature. The shelf temperature at -30℃, the time is about 1 hours. Using a slow freezing method.
    Sublimation drying stage: because of the special nature of yam material, the pressure in the frozen dry box is controlled by 50pa. In the analysis of drying stage, shelf temperature must be below 50℃, which dried yam can not lose nutritional value.
    After vacuum freeze drying of yam powder easy to absorb moisture, so it is necessary to carry out vacuum inflatable packaging, to prevent the Chinese yam after absorbing the tide, metamorphism, so as to affect the value of yam.

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