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Tomato drying process

Time:2015-11-14  Creator:Yi Du

    In the market, we can see a lot of tomato products, tomato sauce, tomato can, tomato juice. Because the production of tomato is influenced by climate and region. Usually dry processing of tomato, dried tomato powder is the most common way.
    Drying advantage of tomato powder: tomato is the reason of the following several: 1 easy to transport; 2 is easy to store; 3 reduces the growth environment of the microorganism; 4 reduces the impact of the purchase price of raw materials.
    The common methods of drying tomato: tomato drying history is not very long, but the development of fast, common methods are: hot air drying, vacuum drying, spray drying and freeze drying.
    Hot air drying: the hot air drying method for tomato is a hot air drying technology, the first is to send to the electric heating drying oven for drying. Need to set the parameters of electric heating drying box. General hot air temperature of 75℃, wind speed of about 1.8m/s. The thickness of the tomato paste is not higher than 7 mm.
    Vacuum drying: the vacuum drying method is mainly used in the vacuum drying machine. The vacuum degree is about 0.008MPa, the thickness of tomato paste can not be higher than 7 mm.
    Spray drying: using centrifugal spray drying equipment processing tomato materials have absolute advantage, choose appropriate sprayer is one of the most important steps.As Atomization mechanism can be choosen correct one.
    Freeze drying: as a hot new technology, the vacuum freeze drying equipment is a great prospect.First of all, we need to measure the eutectic point. (Detailed see Freeze drying machine's pre-freeze stage).For the drying of tomato materials, the method of resistance was used to measure the eutectic point, which was -15℃ of -18 ℃.
4    Drying method comparison: Currently, tomato drying is mainly the above four methods. We carried out one one experiments on these methods, the content of lycopene content as a comparison basis. Found the material using vacuum freezing technology for the processing of the lycopene, good water of tomato powder instant after, but there are also some problems.The advantages and disadvantages of freeze vacuum drying technology had been said,The application scope is limited, and the energy consumption is high, the use of hot air drying effect is relatively poor, and gradually eliminate; vacuum drying effect is better, but the method requires the use of vacuum equipment, higher investment; the use of spray drying equipment in drying effect is only a real air refrigeration technology, but whether the investment or the application range is higher than the technology. At present, we recommend the use of spray dryer processing tomato materials!Spray drying anmation can be browse form ——Flash of spray drying machine
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