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Thompson Seedless raisins drying processing method

Time:2015-11-14  Creator:Yi Du

    China's Xinjiang region is rich in non nuclear grapes, by people's favorite, but also the world's reputation. As one of the main sources of local economy, deep processing of Seedless Grape by many experts and scholars. White grape processing can effectively improve the profit.
    The disadvantages of traffic drying method to drying Thompson Seedless raisins
    Traditional drying method of temperature control is poor, if increasing the drying temperature, raisins will be weak, and swear browning; if to reduce the drying temperature, drying cycle is very long, the product will absorption on the shelf water deterioration occurs. These have become the bottleneck of dry white grape.
    Fluidized bed to dry thompson Seedless raisins
    After many times testing,we get the result using Fluidized bed drying machine to handle with Thompson Seedless raisins.
    The main effects of the fluidized bed drying effect is the drying medium temperature and flow rate. In order to determine the parameters of a more scientific drying equipment, we conducted a comparative experiment and plotted the drying curve.
    Dry white grape has obvious constant velocity and the drying stage. It was found that the cause of the dry period of reducing speed is the process of cleaning, and there are a lot of wrinkles on the surface of the raisins, which can absorb a large amount of water. During the dry period, the surface is evaporated and the water is penetrated into the interior.
    Temperature has always been a difficult problem of dry white grape. When the temperature changes, the state of the grapes in the dry process will change. The temperature rise, the more easily weak raisins. We will set the temperature at 50 degrees centigrade and lasted 4 minutes, significantly. So, if you can reduce the temperature to ease this problem. But also need to consider the energy consumption, drying cycle and other factors.
    The thickness of the material layer is one of the major factors that affect the drying effect. Because of increasing the thickness of the material layer, the wind speed and drying temperature should be increased accordingly. And reduce the thickness of the material layer will lead to the waste of dry resources and reduce production. For this purpose, we performed 4 groups of comparative experiments. Thickness from 1 to 4, the dry strength of the first increase in the value of the decline. When the thickness of the 3 layer, the dry time as long as 3min, and close type better.
    The mainly data of fluidized bed drying machine
    Drying medium temperature:30-40℃;
    Thickness of material layer:4 layer;
    Drying time about 4min.
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