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Polytetrafluoroethylene resin drying machine_Teflon resin pneumatic drying equipment

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    Suspension method PTFE cyclone drying technology
    Hereinafter referred to as PTFE, due to its stable chemical properties, has a good ability to adapt.So the king is plastic.PTFE with polymers as raw material, after crushing, grinding, washing and drying.When into the dry, content is about 35%, with strong viscosity, when the drying temperature is too high, agglomerate and wall sticking occurs.In addition in the production process requirement, have higher request for avoiding the whiteness of powder.So drying equipment choice is more important.At present, the domestic resin drying mainly USES the cyclone dryer.We had summary with the cyclone dryers about teflon resin ,and then we talked about new type PTFE drying equipment ——Pneumatic dryers.
    Suspension method PTFE cyclone dryer
    PTFE cyclone drying equipment, belongs to the air dryer system.The device is to use the air to dry the wet material, its main structure: outer barrel, inner tube, and into the wind outlet.Can be seen below:
The structure of teflon resin pneumatic drying equipment
    Above about The structure of teflon resin pneumatic drying equipment.Through the graph we can see, PTFE wet material from the inlet into the drying equipment, carried by the heat flow into the whirlwind drying chamber.Wet material rotary motion along the wall, and has been in the state of suspension resin powder.When gas reaches a whirlwind dry bottom again after a tube upward movement.Final material from the outlet gas discharge, after sequel feeder after collection.
    As with a whirlwind drying system is relatively complicated, in order to meet the requirements of process requirement add cyclone separator, venturi tube, mist eliminator, cooling unit, this article does not talk about.
    PTFE pneumatic dryers
    Air drying equipment drying machine is widely used in recent years.Compared with cyclone dryer, the heat transfer coefficient is higher (up to 12000 kcal), dry faster.Air drying machine structure is as follows:
The structure of PTFE pneumatic dryers
    Above about the structure of PTFE pneumatic dryers,Among 1-Primary air filter;2-blower;3-The secondary air filter;4-Air heat exchanger;5-High temperature air filter;6-Electric heating;7-High efficient filter;8-feeder;9-PTFE penumatic dryers;10-Cyclone separator;11-Heavy hammer flap valve;12-Induced draft fan;13-Air cooler;14-The buffer tube;15-Hepa filter;
    We can find that there are some parts in the PTFE pneumatic dryers:Air filtration system、Feeding&dischange unit,drying parts,cooling parts,system of tail gas treatment.
    Teflon resin pneumatic drying process
    The resin being dry wet material through the spiral feeder quantitatively to the nozzle.After mixed with high temperature of compressed air into the cyclone drying equipment is heated.After cyclone separator removal wet air, get half avoiding dry compressed air mixed again again with a normal temperature, finally through the secondary cyclone separator gas-solid separation, avoiding get resin powder.The primary and secondary cyclone exhaust into level 3 and level 4 cyclone separator, recycled materials
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