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Dimehypo drying equipment_dimehypo dryers

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Apply of dimehypo
Dimehypo is Pesticides with nereistoxin,belong to the nature of insecticide products.It can mainly kill lepidoptera pests(just like stem borer, chilo suppressalis and so on),and it can kill insect ova(just like Cotton red spider, Pieris rapae and so on).At present, the domestic rice, wheat, fruit trees are used to control pesticides.
Dimehypo drying machine
When we talked about it,we had to talked about Insecticide.As the above Type selection of pesticide drying equipment,We list the common pesticide drying parameters, which include the insecticide.After dehydration and drying of the crystal crystal, the insecticidal activity can be obtained.The preparation process has left many liquor, and a large amount of (usually four times mother liquor). At the cost of considering the needs of these liquid processing after sales.And these transportation storage inconvenience, need to be processed into a solid powder after the sale,and this is dimehypo
Selection of Dimehypo drying machine
At present, with the continuous improvement of domestic drying technology,Type of pesticide drying equipment is more and more.Due to the material to be dried, itself is a mother liquor, with good fluidity, so on the choice of the drying equipment we unanimously chose spray drying equipment.
Spray drying equipment is the mainstream dryer in drying industry at present, mainly for the flow of material, through the atomizer will liquid dispersion for small liquid droplets, then the hot air and the droplet contact and instantly the moisture evaporation of powder. The whole drying process is very short.At present the spray drying equipment designed by our company had get best effect in the industry of Polymeric aluminium chloride PAC dryers聚合氯化铝Polycarboxylic Acid Type Water-reducer dryers聚羧酸减水剂silica aerogel dryers白炭黑 and Licorice drying equipment甘草.
Dimehypo spray drying equipment
It is our company's equipment,the mainly is Hot blast stove, spray dryer, cyclone separator, water washing tower and so on,the structure as the following shown:
Dimehypo driers
The above is about Dimehypo driers,among 1-Burner;2-Fuel air stove;3-Admission Point;4-Spray drying tower;5-Atomizer;6-Cyclone separator;7-Induced draft fan;8-Water scrubber;9-Feed pump;10-Storage tank;11-Crushing equipment;12-Mixing machine;
The heating source in the picture is about Fuel air stove间接式燃油热风炉,In actual production process can choose other heat source equipment. In addition, the equipment is used for the test of our company, the purpose is to determine the drying parameters. So in order to avoid the occurrence of agglomeration, the addition of a mill and mixing machine.
My company after research found that when the dry temperature between 150-190℃, there will be a serious weight loss. The reason is that after heating, heat is decomposed, and a part of water is removed. So the need to control the temperature to avoid weight loss. In addition, the inlet air temperature can not be improved in order to speed up the drying rate, when the dry inlet temperature exceeds 220℃, in order to avoid over drying and reduce the product temperature, need to improve the feed rate. This result in the wall, and the increase of the water content in the tail gas also causes the moisture absorption. After comprehensive consideration, the following set of parameters of the double drying was carried out:
Air volume:3000m³/h;Temp of inlet:200-220℃;Temp of outlet:100-110℃;
Substrate concentrations:43%;Demand final moisture:2%;Theoretical output:100kg/h;
Host twon's pollen volume:66%;pollen volume under Cyclone:33%;
Equipment failure and solution of dimehypo driers
Due to moisture absorption and adhesion, in the process of drying will inevitably occur failure. In the course of our experiments and the current failure of the summary, at present the most common problems are: the wall is more serious; the mouth is blocked.
Focus discussion with these problem,we found these problem is similar with pvc Resin's leaking,solution can be used for reference.
1 The inner wall of the drying tower is blown and swept. Due to impurities and low melting point material, when the temperature is too high, it will soften the phenomenon of the adhesion in the spray dryer wall. While the use of compressed air to the inner wall of the purge can be blown the wall sticking of materials.
2 Two side of the material in the additional blade, will plug the material to force removal. Since these softening materials also stick on the blade, so it is necessary to cool the blade, and the blade can be used for the hollow structure.
3 Fill in the drying equipment (as shown above), to prevent the non fully dry granular sticky wall.

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