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Diammonium phosphate drying machine_diammonium phosphate drying equipment

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Diammonium phosphate drying technology
Diammonium phosphate can be called as ammonium dibasic phosphate and ammonium hydrogen phosphate,English abbreviation is DAP.Diammonium phosphate is very common compound fertilizer,includes two kinds nutritive composition:nitrogen and phosphorus.Chemical formula is (NH4)2HPO4,The nitrogen content of diammonium phosphate is more than 18%.It is widely usedIn addition to being a high performance fertilizer, it is a very good curing agent as well as flame retardant. The principle of production process is briefly introduced to neutralize the production, and then drying, cooling to get solid products.
Diammonium phosphate drying machine
At present the more domestic drying process, such as spray granulation drying process, and granulation process, and reaction process and double pipe reactor process, single pipe reactor process, tube type reactor and mixing process. We have carried out the research on the drying process in the industry, and found that the bed drying equipment has good drying effect.
DAP fluidized bed dryers
In the Ammonium phosphate drying machine,Using the fluidized bed drying process for production, DAP drying process can also be used in the equipment. Structure as shown below:
Diammonium hydrogen phosphate fluidized bed drying machine
Above about diammonium hydrogen phosphate fluidized bed drying machine,Among 1-Entry;2-Belt conveyer;3-Horizontal crusher;4-Bucket elevator;5-Storage bunker;6-Coal feeder;7-Air blower;8-Host of boiling dryer;9-Mixed sedimentation chamber;10-Electric gate;11-Coal fired hot blast stove;12-Drying chamber;
Tail gas treatment of Diammonium phosphate drying equipment
We conduct a market survey, some companies are reflected in the use of drying equipment in the process of exhaust gas and no filtration. After we understand, the other is mainly used to spray granulation drying process.With Ammonium phosphate fertilizer spray granulation dryers it is different,In the dry process, the tail gas of the tail gas is washed and then washed (Cycle), and then the tail gas is sent to the tail gas column to wash out the fluoride.
In fight of this situation, the technical department of our company is discussed, and put forward the solution method:
1 Adding tail gas washing,separate treatment of granulation tail gas and dry tail gas.
2 Granulation tail gas washing system will supported with Two stage venturi washing device and final tail gas.
3 Adding washing liquid circulation tank
Reform of Tail gas treatment as the following shown:
Transformation diagram of DAP's Tail gas treatment
Above is about Transformation diagram of DAP's Tail gas treatment.Because of the different equipment structure, this paper can not be described in detail. For structural transformation, you can contact us!
Influence factors of ammonium phosphate dryers
In the drying process of DPA,we should reasonable setting about the drying data and we will get the correctly finished production.We have tested the factors of improving DAP drying effect.
1 The concentration of the material will affect the final moisture content.We will recommended to control the concentration about 48.21-49.26%,concentration can be control about 47.2% and get First class of DAP.
2 Preneutralization slog slurry wull effect of product qualification rate,less than 1.41t/m³ and it will increase condemning.Density of preneutralization slog slurry will be controled about 1.501-1.538t/m³ .
3 The wind temperature and inlet temperature need to be reasonably equipped,when the ourlet's temp at 85℃ we need increase the temp of inlet about 400℃,then will be dried competely;and the temp of inlet will be control about 85-90℃ when dry first class production,and the tem of inlet will be controled at between 480-500℃.

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