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Polyoxymethylene drying machine_polyoxymethylene pom disc drying equipment

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    What is polyoxymethylene
    It is a very important engineering plastics, can be called super steel, superman steel.Is a kind of polymer, English abbreviation for POM.It has a very wide range of effects, in electric, automotive industry needs a lot of POM.The early reform and opening up, preparation of POM production equipment is relatively expensive, its all for imported drying unit.With the developpment of polymer drying聚合物 technology,the drying process is developping also.Disc continuous drying machine is the domestic independent research and development of the first set of drying equipment.And,it can be widely used in the industry of Desulfurization gypsum dryers.
    Polyoxymethylene pom drying technology
    Disc belongs to transmitting dryer drying equipment, its characteristics:Drying high thermal efficiency、Small footprint、continuous drying、Drying under airtight environment、Low energy consumption.
    The character of pan continuous dryers:Dry plate(There are two kinds size and arranged alternately up and down)、rabble、Rake leaves、principal axis.As the following shown:
The structure of polyoxymethylene pom disc drying equipment
    Above is about the structure of polyoxymethylene pom disc drying equipment.
    pom drying technology
    Use disc drying equipment for powder material, through the spiral feeder into the drying chamber.Powder by dry plate in contact with the hot air drying.After reaching the drying time, material in the material under the action of rake the leaves from the discharging mouth eduction.And after dust removal process gas, by setting at the top of a disc dryer filter powder processing, and then into the heat exchanger for heating again, have the effect of recycling.And filter will attach part of powder, can use compressed air to blow, making powder returns in drying chamber.See flash of pan dryers盘式干燥机动画,you can learn through flash.
    Considering the material has a certain heat sensitive, when the temperature is too high will cause modification;And the temperature can cause dry cycle of growth, the increase of energy consumption.After the drying temperature is calculated, need to look at the temperature and pressure gauge.On the design of the hopper, and also used the sealing structure, so as to avoid one blow back in drying chamber, caused by excessive and dry.
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