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Rasearch of betel nut drying technology

Time:2015-11-20  Creator:Yi Du

    The history of the cultivation of our country has thousands of years. Is the climate of the south is wet, the local people eat the nut to amuse. It contains many nutrients in the human body, and has obvious effect on the treatment of edema and abdominal distension. In addition, the nut can be used to make plastic filler material, in the preparation of the carpet also need to use the material.
    In order to facilitate the transportation and storage, the drying process of the nut is needed. We have carried out many experiments on the drying of the nut,look for drying equipment.
    After a lot of experiments, the chart can be drawn, and the drying stage is divided into: the initial stage of drying (adjustment stage), the constant speed drying stage, and the drying stage,detailed see《Drying constant 》
    First Drying Stage:Because of the nut's a porous material(See《Classification of materials during drying process 》),So the moisture content of the material decreased quickly, and the drying rate was high. Surface moisture quick evaporation, internal moisture migration to the surface velocity, making the process of rapid drying rate.
    Constant speed drying stage and the stage of reducing drying stage: the two stages of the transition is very fast, in the initial stage of drying, the moisture content decreases, and the internal moisture migration is slowed down. In the formal production, using variable temperature drying, in dry 30 minutes before the 50℃ for drying, after the temperature rise to 80℃, continuous drying 2 h, the temperature transferred back to 50℃ and dried for 2 hours to complete the whole drying process.
    Air flow rate and nut drying rate: we know that the air flow is bigger and the drying rate is higher, but too high air velocity can cause damage to the material. Therefore, in order to solve the problem, combined with the method of variable speed drying, at 80℃, the air velocity is reasonable, and the air velocity is increased at 50℃.
    In addition, pretreatment is the main factor affecting the drying rate. The choice of the main method. The nut is a porous material, the thinner the slice, the higher the drying rate.
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