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Paclobutrazol dryers_MET flash drying machine

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    Multi-effect triazole drying equipment
    Its agricultural application value lies in its control effect.Can retard plant growth, restrain stem elongation, shorten the distance, improve plant growth, promote flower bud differentiation, can increase plant resistance, increase production.In the process of production preparation, you need to use the drying equipment drying dehydration.It is similar with Quizalofop-p-ethyl dryers and Dimehypo drying machine,so we can use flash dring machine to carried out Multi-effect triazole drying.
    MET drying machine
    The working principle of drying machine:Clean air is inhaled air inlet, with appropriate speed into the drying chamber ring at the bottom of the gap, and then press the tangent direction into the drying chamber, and spiral:At the same time, the material is by feeder can be stepless speed quantitative in the tower.Within the drying tower, the material and the hot air to heat transformation, by dry powder material together with hot air to the separator, the product packaging to collect, and tail gas is further obtained with dust removal device.The design of drying machine, at the top of the baffle, the classifier.Material with the air currents to rise, the centrifugal force effect, did not meet the requirements of water (high density) of materials subjected to centrifugal force, the turning radius increases, when the turning radius is larger than the radius of the classifier, are further dry grinding, to meet the requirements to overflow.Finer grinding body with the air currents to rise after drying, due to its smaller particle size and meet the requirements of water (i.e., the proportion of smaller), centrifugal force is relatively small, its rotation radius less than the radius of classifier, and then with the flow discharge, sent to the collecting device. 
    Multi-effect triazole drying equipment
    After many times research by our company(Chang Zhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.),this drying equipment own character as the following:
    1、Drying chamber within the set at the bottom of the pyramid structure, make the flow of gas drying equipment cross-sectional area constantly jiaotong university from bottom to top, the bottom of the gas velocity is opposite bigger, the upper gas velocity is relatively small, and the bottom of large particles in the fluidized state at the same time, the upper part of the small particles in the fluidized state.Within the pyramidal structure also shorten the length of the cantilever, thereby increasing the reliability of operation.This structure can effectively prevent the bearing bad state, so as to prolong the service life of the bearing.
    2、Stirring tooth set on scraper.Material at the same time of stirring tooth rotation shattered, was thrown to the wall stick on the wall, if not timely will stick in wall material scraping,and it will appear “Scaring”,lead to it can't normal operated.Stirring tooth are installed on the scraper, can guarantee before material with strong wall binding, its peeling off.
    3、Drying chamber at the top of the grading ring set.Its role is mainly to larger particles and haven't dry material separation, continue dry, so as to ensure uniform product uniform particle size distribution, moisture content.
    4、Set at the entrance on the conical bottom cooling jacket.Hot air began to contact with the material, the temperature is very high, generally close to the hot air temperature, the temperature above the bed, in the operation of part of the material will be binding, residence time is too long, resulting in material, even melting.To avoid this phenomenon, add jacket, can lower the temperature, make the operation smoothly.
    Picture of Multi-effect triazole drying equipment
Multi-effect triazole drying equipment

Multi-effect triazole drying machine

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