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Preserved with small-tomato dryers_Preserved Fruit drying equipment

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    Efficacy and function of small tomato
    Cherry Tomatoes is common one fruit,it can be called as small tomato,pearl tomato and mini tomato.It is not only a vegetable, it is also a fruit, it can be called love. Which is rich in nutrients, can promote the growth and development of the human body.Teenagers eat Cherry Tomatoes can help development, enhance resistance. Old people eat can delay aging, prevent cancer effect. In addition Cherry Tomatoes is rich in vitamins, can improve the skin, protect stomach.
    Preserved with small-tomato drying technology
    In order to improve the added value of agricultural products, fresh fruit will be processed into fruit is one of the most effective methods. Process flow as the following shown:
    Select→Clean→Blanching→Peel→Hardening→Rinse→Vacuum osmosis of sugar→Low temp of sugar→Immersion→Dry→Plastic→Weighing and packing→Store
    The drying of the material is an important part of the whole process. We as a professional design and production of the enterprise, the process of many experiments. Vacuum drying, microwave drying and hot air drying were adopted to find the best drying equipment through the appearance, texture and moisture content of dry goods.
    The advantages of vacuum drying equipment for small-tomato
    Following the above drying test, we draw the following table:
Different drying method,different effect influence with small tomato
    The above is:Diferent influence with different drying method for samll tomato.
    We can find hot air oven is the worst during these drying data,especially the appearance of damage is more serious.Microwave drying group has certain advantages, but there is a certain carbonization. The microwave drying machine can meet the quality requirements after many times of testing.Vacuum drying series is the best,and cost less time.
    We should choosen different drying equipment according to different yield,if you need to order drying machine,welcome to contact us.Tel:13809072359!

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