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Lemon slice drying equipment_Slices vacuum freeze drying machine

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    Efficacy and function of lemon slice
    Lemon slices are rich in vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron. Citric acid has a whitening effect, by a lot of women's favor. Lemon is the best fruit of medicinal value. Smokers and obese people should eat more lemon, helps to improve the body function.
    The most common way is to made of lemon slices. The lemon slices on the market are mainly dry and dried, the qualified rate is low, and the dry shrinkage and browning can be easily occurred. The loss of nutrients in this method is more serious. We specialize in the design and production of the dryer, the drying of the material was studied, and the use of vacuum freeze drying was put forward.
    Lemon slice drying equipment
    The process of this dryers:Choose raw material→Clean→Airing→Slice up and packing→Pre-freeze→Vacumm freeze drying→Weighting and packing
    The selection should pay attention to the quality of the lemon lemon (whether the surface is bright and clean, water is full, fresh).The temperature of the precooling is -4℃,spend time about 15 hours.The thickness of the slice is pretreatment is one of the most important parameters, after my company summary, many experiments about 6 mm thickness for the lemon slice thickness of the drying effect is best, will not affect the appearance and taste of lemon.The appearance of thickness is too thin will cause excessive drying, serious;Will lead to the drying time growth, uneven drying.Further to the vitamin c content, moisture content, appearance of the lemon color measurement parameters, such as, the working parameters of vacuum freeze drying machine: slice thickness is 6 mm, freeze-dried for 6 hours, temperature of 40 ℃, pressure is 110 pa.
    Lemon vacuum freeze drying equipment
    Vacuum freeze drying technology is one of the drying methods are more popular in recent years, higher requirements for avoiding material drying.In the above《Principle of vacuum freeze drying equipment》,our work demonstrates a simple principle.Using freeze-drying technology, making the material moisture from the completion of the low temperature environment, to avoid the damage of color, shape, taste.During drying, the use of vacuum freeze drying equipment, can maximum limit retains the nutrients and smell.At present, we design and manufacture of lemon vacuum freeze drying machine has been put into production, welcome interested friends to inquire.
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