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2,3-Acid drying technology

Time:2015-11-24  Creator:Yi Du

    It is the other name of 2-Hydroxy-3-naphthoicacid,so it will be wrote wrong by 2.3acid.This kind of material is not very common, generally used as intermediates, and is used for making medicine and organic pigments.A better quality of demand is bigger, material has very good market.
    The requirement of 2,3-acid:
    The requirement of shape:Light yellow powder。
    Initial Melting Point:≥217℃,
    Alkaline undissolved matter(in NaHCO3):≤0.2%
    Ash content:≤0.3%
    In terms of current technology,we can get the dried 2,3-acid from gas-solid phase,the drying process is a very important link.
    General production of 2, 3 - acid production capacity of four thousand tons of enterprise, combined with the requirements for product color (yellow) strictly, to select the appropriate drying equipment needs a lot of consideration.How to choose 2, 3 - acid drying equipment?What dryer with 2, 3 - acid is more appropriate?
    As the common material had requirement of color,we will choose spray drying machine.Spray drier as a quick drying equipment for the material color, shape (powder) and so on has a very good support, and low energy consumption, high drying efficiency, accord with the requirement of production quantity and quality.
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