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Barium carbonate drying equipment_Selection of barium carbonate drying machine

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    Barium carbonate drying technology
    It is a highly toxic material, normal temperature XiaWen white powder.Ingredients for BaCO3, mainly used for electronic ceramics, PTC thermistor manufacturing, aluminum separation, containing wastewater treatment.Common there are mainly three kinds of production technology, carbonization method and double decomposition method and toxic heavy petrochemical method.In the process of preparation of three kinds of production need to be dry and dehydration.
    Barium carbonate rotary cylinder drying method
    In the traffice drying technology of Barium carbonate,it can be used as rotary cylinder drying equipment.The drying process:In the air after heating, into the center of the fire tube, stay dry cake from the device into the drying chamber, at the end of the material constant motion, full contact with the hot air.After completion of dry from the other end of the drying machine.
    Using cylinder drying machine, in use after a period of time, center fire tube will produce lots of soot and coal tar, results in the decrease of the heat transfer efficiency.After drying the product color is yellow, and high sulfur content, not completely dry.In addition, the equipment covers an area of large, use and maintenance of multifarious.At present, this equipment has been eliminated, main is to choose the flash dryer.
    Barium carbonate flash drying equipment
    Above about 《Barium carbonate flash drying technology碳酸钡闪蒸》,Our working principle of flash drying machine has carried on the simple description, in this not tired.Now will be used in filter cake drying flash dryer to share as the following:
The structure of Barium carbonate flash dryers
    Above is about structure of Barium carbonate flash dryers,Among 1-Feed hopper;2-Belt scale;3-Screw feeder;4-Host of dryer;5-Cyclone separator and hopper;6-Pulse bag filter。
    Advantages of barium carbonate flash drying equipment
    1 Low equipment investment
    2 After drying the product color is white, low water content, iron content, sulfur content, and hydrochloric acid insolubles content decreases.
    3 The operation is convenient, the decrease of strength of operation.
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