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Manganese hydroxide drying machine_manganese hydroxide dryers

Time:2015-11-24  Creator:Yi Du

    Manganous hydroxide dryers
    Its role in the industry is very broad, is making ceramic raw materials, can also be used to paint drier.Manganese sulfate drying equipment designed by us carried out with flash drying machine,and Manganese sulfate monohydrate dryersAlso can use air drier.On the drying properties, has a certain similarity, and from the process and energy consumption, my company is recommended to use more disc dryer for drying dehydration.
    Manganese hydroxide drying equipment
    My company design and manufacture of drying equipment is the moisture content of about 15% of the dry wet materials into dried below 1%, yield is about 2 t/20 h, the heat source with heat exchanger heat conduction oil heating.Each hour evaporating moisture content of the theoretical value of 12.5 kg/h, feed rate of 112.5 kg/h, the thickness of the heating plate is not more than 15 mm, stay about 20 min.
    manganese hydroxide driers
    Disc drying equipment is one of our main products, mainly used in chemical products, medicine, pesticide, feed.Characterized by high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, large quantity, airtight dry environment meet the requirement of GMP.According to different customers, our company also drying equipment for the fine tune, such as using steam as drying medium, is made of stainless steel, the outsourcing of carbon steel.Production requirements of different drying equipment, but also to the structure of the equipment size and material thickness.Can adapt to different requirements of drying engineering, as we said.About drying process of drying equipment,See 《Flash animation of disc drying equipment盘式干燥机动画
    Manganese hydroxide driers
Manganese hydroxide drying machine

manganese hydroxide dryers

Manganese hydroxide drying machine
    This is one of our company flagship product, if you need to place an order, or want to consult relevant technical details, can call to contact me.

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