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Cassava starch dryers_cassava starch drying machine_cassava starch drying equipment

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        cassava starch drying device
        In the industry of Cassava dryig machine,My company has a wealth of design and debugging experience, has for the customer design and manufacture the set of drying equipment,and the most hot is cassava starch drying devicePregelatinization cassava drying machinetransgender cassava drying machine and Corn starch dryng machine.In the process of drying, the domestic main USES the drum dryer, such a complex construction, small capacity of drying equipment, the high cost of equipment maintenance, dry mass production no longer apply.Some drying equipment manufacturers choose to use air dryer for drying dehydration, caused by a lack of experience, in the process of selection of mistakenly chose air drying equipment.In the process of using this kind of dryer for drying, dust leakage is very serious, there is dust explosion hazard.Aimed at this situation, this essay explained: in cassava starch dry, please do not use positive pressure air drier, but negative pressure air drying equipment!
        Cassava starch dryers
        As the following shown is about Cassava starch dryers.
Cassava starch dryers
        Among 1 Heat exchanger;2 cassava starch drying device;3 Feeding device;4 Cyclone separator;5 Crusher;6 fan;7 Cooling pipe;8 container;9 Cyclone separator;10 Fan;11 Recovery tower
        Working process: before entering the drying section of dry starch takes centrifuge, moisture content in 35% to 40%, join the spiral feeder.After air heating in under the action of fan into the drying tube, at this time the speed of hot air about 18 m/s.Wet powder after the encounter with the hot air suspension in the drying tube and is moving to the discharging mouth, cassava starch in the process of wet gradually vaporized.Ultimately stem from the discharging mouth eduction, into the cyclone separation.If has the need to further break up can increase the crushing device.Wet air into the recovery tower of precipitation recycling last part of the starch.
        Cassava starch drying device
        Our company design and manufacture of cassava starch drying equipment, is different from the same kind of cassava starch dryer on the market, has the following several advantages:
        1 Cassava starch and dry environment of negative pressure, to avoid the leakage of dust, eliminates the safety hidden trouble.
        2 Hot wind speed is higher, cassava starch has a larger heating area in the drying tube, improve the drying speed.
        3 The whole process of dry cassava starch only contact with hot air, will not cause pollution to the cassava starch,meet "GMP"standard.
        4 Cassava starch drying equipment can be equipped with recovery tower, grinder, etc., flexible in combination, meet different production requirements.
        5 Drying tube outside wrapped with thermal insulation layer, reducing the heat loss, reduces the cost of drying.
        Cassava starch drying device
        As the experience in our industry of cassava starch drying device:
        Induce draft fanp yield:1600kg/h;
        Original moisture:35%~40%;
        Final moisture:14%;
        Inlet air temperature:85℃;
        The wind temperature:65℃;
        Size:φ0.5m × 31.49m;
        Hot air oven:60WK;
Cassava starch drying device
Cassava starch drying equipment
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