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Starch drying equipment_starch drying machine

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        Starch is an important one, and it is the main source of heat.Starch is a common material in our daily life, when cooking food put a little starch can have the effect of flour.So what is the starch?Our common corn starch, sweet potato starch, potato starch these?Starch is glucose polymer.In corn, sweet potatoes are rich in large amounts of starch, the starch can also be used in industry, such as making malt sugar, alcohol, textile sizing and paper glue will use starch.
        Starch drier
        In the process of production, it is necessary to remove the moisture.On the other hand, wet starch is not convenient to store, under the condition of high temperature metamorphic will happen soon.In order to solve these problems, need to be dehydrated and heating dry starch.Starch dry process has a long history, along with the advance of drying technology at home and abroad, many different types of starch drying equipment.We as a professional design and manufacture of drying machine enterprises, has made the starch drying equipment for many manufacturers, has a wealth of starch dry machine design and manufacturing experience.
        Starch drying equipment
        Mainly consists of two processes: mechanical dehydration and heating drying.Mechanical dewatering in order to improve the drying rate of starch, is the purpose of reducing energy consumption.Our years of experimental conclusion: mechanical dewatering efficiency is three times of heating dry.In the starch dryer common mechanical dewatering equipment are: centrifugal filter, vacuum filter.Heating drying: after previous step of mechanical dehydration, the starch is greater than the water content of the is around 37%, the need to be dry heating.Common drying equipment include: air drying, spray drying and flash drying.
        Starch drying machine
        We have many kinds of starch drying machine,as the following shown:
Starch drying machine
Starch drying equipment
Starch dryers
        We have a lot of experimental data in the starch baking, and made a thorough research on the starch material.According to different production requirements, select the appropriate drying equipment.If you have needs, please contact us,Tel:13809072359
The same kinds of starch drying machine:
Potato starch drying equipment
Dryer with prepaste starch
Modified starch drying equipment
Corn starch dryers
Cassava starch drier

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