Demonstration of Multilayer belt type drying machine
Multilayer belt type dryers
Chang Zhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd. had been design about drying machine:——Belt drying machine is mainly h...
Animation of Crystal glauber's salt dryers
Working process of Crystal glauber's salt dryers
In Chinamirabilite dryers芒硝 technology as the mainly with boiling fluidized bed drying equipment.It is made o...
Animation demonstration of Terephthalic acid drying machine
Animation demonstration of Terephthalic acid drying machine
In the process of Terephthalic acid drying machine对苯二甲酸 we as the mainly of steam rotary drying...
Specification of Universal Pulverizer
Using specification of Universal Pulverizer
Universal grinder is a common industrial crushing equipment, the equipment has high efficiency, low energy consu...
Flash of horizontal fluidized bed dryer_Demo of horizontal fluidized bed dryer
Flash of horizontal fluidized bed dryer
Horizontal fluidized bed dryer is an abbreviation, since put into production in the 1970 s, has been widely appl...
Demo of Universal High-Speed Pulverizer_Demonstration of crusher
High-speed universal grinder is one of the hottest crushing equipment, has a broad scope, equipment simple structure, crushing effect is stable
Feeding yeast drying machine_Animation demonstration of feeding yeast dryers
Feeding yeast drying machine
Feed yeast is used for livestock and poultry feed yeast.In the process of processing the production of feed yeast, need to dry feed...
Animation of alumina drying equipment_Animation video of alumina dryers
Animation video of alumina drier process
alumina dryers can be used as spray drying machine.The drying process of aluminum is described as follows: the air is f...
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