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Cocoa drying machine_Animation demo of cocoa drying equipment

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  Cocoa drying machine
Cocoa has the apply of control appetite and skin beauty,it had been favored by consumers.After picking the cocoa beans need to be dry and dehydrated, it can be processed or stored.Our company reference the testing data of Pea drying machineDrying soybean equipmentcoffee bean drying machine,you can choose the fluidized bed drying equiopment to dry the cocoa!

The technology of drying cocoa
In the process of drying cocoa,the mainly part of cocoa drying machine we design:fan、hot air、bucket elevator、cyclone separator、fluidized bed drying machine.The simple structure,can meet the technical requirements of the cocoa Dried tofu products.The process of drying cocoa as following shown(The process of drying cocoa):

The above is about Animation demo of drying cocoa equipment
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