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Animation of powder feed drying machine_Animation of powder feed fluidized bed drying machine

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Powder feed dryers
Drying equipment is often needed in feed production. Different feed selection of dry equipment are not the same.Our company design about Feed drying equipment,just like Fish feed dryers and Aquatic feed dryers.In the process of pellet feed drying, we recommend using the fluidized bed drying equipment for particle feed drying.
Animation demonstration of pellet feed dryer
The whole pellet feed drying equipment mainly includes: fan, heat exchanger, cyclone separator, fluidized bed dryer. The material into the hopper, from the feed inlet drying equipment. Hot air passes through the fluidized bed feed to be dried, and the evaporation of water. The final drying of particulate feed from the discharge port. The whole process can be seen in the following:

The pictures about Digram of powder feed drying machine.If you want to know more about powder feed dryers,welcome to contact us.Tel:13809072359!

Demonstration of rotary kiln drying equipment The drying material enter the drying room through the feed end of rotary drum dryer.Inside wall of the dru


The structure as the above shown. This flash mainly shows the internal structure of trough type mixing machine equipment and material mixed simulation o


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