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Presentation Demo of Pneumatic Demo

Time:2015-07-31 09:24:27  Creator:Yi Du

This flash shows the drying process of the air dryer equipment. In the air drying equipment, the main component is flash in the From left to right: heat source, pulse tube, drying tube, feeder, cyclone separator (level two) off the fan, with a pulse type dust collector, fan. Air dryer boot order such as buttons consistent in order in flash, open fan, heating device, heating device, feeder, pulse meter, discharging port. The out of the air stream drier outlet 2, respectively, a cyclone separator outlet and two stage cyclone outlet In the pulse bag filter, because of the increase of the time of the use of the cloth bag, it will lead to the decrease of the dust removal effect of the bag filter. At this time we need to replace the cloth bag.
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