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Feeding yeast drying machine_Animation demonstration of feeding yeast dryers

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Feeding yeast drying machine
Feed yeast is used for livestock and poultry feed yeast.In the process of processing the production of feed yeast, need to dry feed yeast.The character of this is similar with Feeding yeast and Yeast Fermented Liquor dryers酵母醪液,My company recommended use fluidized bed dryer drying equipment as feed yeast!
Process of Feeding yeast fluidized bed dryers
On dry feed yeast used in the process of fluidized bed equipment structure mainly by: fan, heat exchanger, cyclone separator, and the material discharging device.Stay dry wet material from the inlet into the feed yeast feed yeast dryers dry indoor fluidization, and full of heat and mass transfer with air, the last one from the discharging mouth eduction.After contact with the wet material hot air can take a cyclone separator are collected empty again.
Animation demonstration of feeding yeast dryers
In order to more intuitive to show the specific flow of feed yeast dry, I draw the feed yeast drying equipment demonstration animation company, as the following shown:

Above about Animation demonstration of feeding yeast dryers.
If you want to know more specific flow of feed yeast dry, or would like to place an order for feed yeast drying equipment, welcome to contact our company directly.Tel:13809072359!

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