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Demonstration of Multilayer belt type drying machine

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    Multilayer belt type dryers
    Chang Zhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd. had been design about drying machine:——Belt drying machine is mainly has two kinds: single machine and multi-layer machine.The multilayer belt drying machine is mainly higher requirements for production of the enterprise.Material is mainly for fruits and vegetables (strawberry, onion, pepper, red jujube) and Chinese herbal medicine.
    Animation of Three layers of tape drying equipment
    In order to more vividly described the working process of the multilayer belt drying machine, our company specially animation demo.

    Above is about Animation of Three layers of tape drying equipment
    We can learn about those,mainly parts:In and out of the device, motor, fan (circulation fan and dehumidifying fan), conveyor belt, transmission device.
    Above si about《Animation of belt dryers for Dehydrated vegetables》,We belt drying machine, dehydrated vegetables for multilayer machine also is such.Material in turn after each layer drying period, to fulfill the requirements of water from the discharging mouth after discharge.
    Advantages of Multilayer belt type drying machine:
    1 The whole drying process is in a closed environment, the material being leaked pollution, dust will not happen.
    2 Relatively, drying conveyor belt for the stationary state.To shape the demand is higher, or brittle materials was suitable.
    3 Drying effect is good, wide range of application.
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