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Presentation of Fluid Bed Drying Machine

Time:2015-08-04 08:56:09  Creator:Yi Du

    Process Demo of Fluid Bed Dryer

   Flash of Fluid Bed Dryer

    This Flash is aboute Sketch of Fluid Bed Dryer
    Left view of the left side of the fluidized bed dryer can be seen throughout the heating system as well as dust removal system; the right side of the main view, into the mouth and the mouth of the material is clearly demonstrated
    Click the button in the flash,we can simulate and control of the drying process of high efficiency boiling dryer
    If you need to learn more information about fluid bed drying machine,welcome to contact us.Tel:13809072359

Using specification of Universal Pulverizer Universal grinder is a common industrial crushing equipment, the equipment has high efficiency, low energy consu


You can control this demo about flash drying machine.Common components:Blower and the heat source, an adjustable speed motor, flash dryer tower, a spiral fe


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