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Demo of Hot Air Circulation Oven

Time:2015-08-04 15:06:03  Creator:Yi Du

    Animation Demo of Oven
    As the common machine,hot air circulation oven has been used widely,like:electronic, electroplating, pharmaceutical, wood.The character is dry uniform, low equipment investment.

    Flash above is about the process of hot air circulation oven.Left side is positive,right side is lateral.Click this button,you can learn all the process of drying machine.
    Animation Demo of Hot Air Circulation Oven
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    Application Examples of Equipment:
    Tea Dryer
    Coal Slime Dryer
    Pepper Dryer

Feeding yeast drying machine Feed yeast is used for livestock and poultry feed yeast.In the process of processing the production of feed yeast, need to dry feed


Presentation above is about cyclone separator. We can clearly see the gas into the dust collector and its trajectory is move from top to bottom, and the


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