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Demo of rotary drum drying machine_demonstration of rotary kiln

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    Demonstration of rotary kiln drying equipment
    The drying material enter the drying room through the feed end of rotary drum dryer.Inside wall of the drum set many shovelling plate can get the wet material.Hot air would full contact with wet material,shovelling plate can let the drying efficency improve fastly.After drying,production out of the discharge end.You can check all the process of drying as the following pictures:

    The flash above is about rotary drum drying demo.
    Demonstration of rotary kiln drying machine
    Our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.)designed and produced drum drying equipment,the working process as shown in the demo,you can learn more.At present,this machine can be used widely in industries of chemical, mining, metallurgy.The advantages of rotary drum drying equipment
    1 Good throughput, higher degree of automation;
    2 Special design make the resistnce lower,low require of energy-consumption;
    3 Wide application,high-efficient drying in HP foaming agent, lees, light calcium carbonate and so on;
    4 Drying equipment cost less,and running Stably.
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