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Demomstration of square vacuum drying machine_flash of square vacuum drying machine

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    Working principle of square vacuum drying machine
    We should let the dried material placed in the vacuum enviroment,then dry and dehydrate the wet material.Vacuum pump is used for pumping vacuum, the wet air out of a square vacuum dryer.The dried medium is steam,wet air condensate from the sewage outfall。The drying process as shown

    The above pictureProcess demonstration of square vacuum drying machine
    Advantages of square vacuum drying equipment:
    1 Low requirement of heater,you can use the method of low pressure steam and waste heat steam to dry。
    2 All the process is about static drying,If the dry shape requires a higher material, the first consideration is a square vacuum.!
    3 Reach the GMP standard,drying the material in the vacuum envirement。
    4 High heating-effection,low wasting of heater。
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