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Demostration of roller scraper dryers_Demo of roller scraper dryers

Time:2015-09-05 15:25:38  Creator:Yi Du

    Roller scraper drying equipment is a kind of internal heat conduction type rotating drying equipment,The most common type of single cylinder roller scraper dryer,At present, there are two tube scraper dryer for drying process of wet material.The advantage is that most of the material has a good drying effect,And flexible operation performance can meet the different requirements of production.At present, the roller scraper dryer is widely used in food drying(just like Rice, Cereals, starch and so on,it can be dried into a piece or granular).
    Demostration of Roller scraper drying equipment

    The article above is about Animation of roller scraper drying machine。The heat of the material to be dried out of the cylinder is fully heat exchanged, and the water is evaporated.When the product is required to contain water, the completion of the drying.The main parts of drying equipment:set with rotary joint, reduction motor, feeding equipment, mixing unit and roller。If you need to learn more information,welcome to contact us。TEL:13809072359!
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