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Demo of bio-feed drying machine_Flash of bio feed pulse pneumatic dryers

Time:2015-09-05 16:44:59  Creator:Yi Du

  Biological feed drying euiqpment
The field of biological feed is very big, mainly refers to the addition of artificial synthetic feed products.During the porcessing of drying biological feed,Feed drying processingis the important steps.The common feed drying technology used by many types of drying equipment, our company is also a lot of feed production enterprises in the domestic design of bio feed drying equipment,coveredFish-feed drying technologyAquatic feed dryersCollagen protein feed drying machine.The drying process of biological feed is mainly controlled by the drying equipment temperature, and how to avoid the occurrence of agglomeration and sticky wall.Our company is a common biological feed drying process was studied,and get the character ofBiological material dryingand the data of Biological production drying,produce the usual drying machine-——Biological feed drying euiqpment!

Bio feed drying equipment is a new type of biological feed drying technology based on pulse air dryer.Biological feed drying equipment is mainly composed of a blower, a hot air stove, a conveying auger, a pulse tube and a cyclone separator.The processing of drying bio feed:

The above picture:Animation of biological feed drying processing
If you want to learn more details about biological feed drying machine,or want to watch the animation of biological feed dryers,you can contact us and gain the details.Tel:13809072359!

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