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Molecular sieve drying equipment_Fault of molecular sieve flash dryers

Time:2015-09-16  Creator:Yi Du

    The above about 《The technology of molecular sieve flash dryers分子筛》,our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) talked about the advantage&feasibility of molecular sieve flash drying.As the truth,set the flash dryer and the fluidized bed dryer air superiority,and the advantages:fast drying,low effection,high yield can be fully used.
    Fault of molecular sieve flash dryers
    In the process of drying molecular sieve,some drying technology would have some fault.The common production will fall into the sealing cavity of the mixing blade shaft at the bottom of the host,become “axis stucking”.This will prevent drying incompetely,then the motor will burn down.
    Reform of molecular sieve flash dryers
    For solving the “axise stucking”,Stop after drying, superfine molecular sieve powder fall into the sealed cavity in, need to flash dryer for structural transformation, increase the gas protection maze and packing structure.
    Before drying,inhalation protective gas(The pressure of the gas is higher than the internal working pressure).The labyrinth of the dry main engine can be allowed to enter the dry host with a high gas velocity,Purpose is to prevent the powder into the sealing device.And the air contact side is the use of packing seal structure, mainly to prevent the protection of gas leakage.The device can adjust the pressure and flow rate of gas.Gas protection combined seal structure as shown in the following diagram
The sketch map of gas protection combined sealing structure
    The above:The sketch map of gas protection combined sealing structure
    Molecular sieve dryer transformation results:
    After the reformation, the flash dryer operation more stable,“axis stucking”will not happen.Our company specializes in design and production of flash dryer, with a certain experience and anticipation of the emergence of Difficult miscellaneous diseases,just like Modified molecular sieve dryer.If you need to buy the machine and learn some information,welcome to contact us,Tel:13809072359
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