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Reform of flash drying equipment

Time:2015-09-24  Creator:Yi Du

    The advantage of flash dryer:
    Flash drying technology is a relatively new technology, the incoming Chinese since the 80's of last century.At present,flash drying equipment become one of the common drying equipment in the industry.Before the advent of flash drying technology,For the filter cake material, paste material drying can be used only spray dryer or fluidized bed dryer.These materials are in the spray drying,need water dilution,In order to be nebulizer.With the increase of water content, the increase of the dry period directly leads to the increase of the drying cycle,The cost is correspondingly improved.High energy consumption is also present in the use of fluidized bed dryer,uneven drying problem,Is the most important in this kind of materials are heat sensitive materials,the use of fluidized bed dryer is easy to cause material deterioration, coking.The flash dryer, the perfect solution to these problems.It can be said, flash drying technology is the organic integration of new technology and spray fluidized bed drying,Can not need to dilute the material, and obtain the advantages of fast drying.Flash dryer fusion of these two methods to avoid the disadvantages of strengths.
    The working principle of flash drying machine:
    Please browse 《Animation demo of flash dryers》,through flash animation demo,Intuitive understanding of its workflow,you can click and learn the equipment size《Drawing(pdf) of flash drying machine 》.
    Design defects of flash dryers:
    Drying equipment always in constant practice continue to evolve, so is the flash dryer.After decades of discovery, we found that the structure of flash dryer has some shortcomings.There are two:
    1 Crushing efficiency will fall:Material into the crushing material will be due to the blade and the role of the high speed rotating, we found that when the speed of the material and the speed of the blade is similar to the efficiency of the crushing.
    2 The flash dryer is a scraper blade, mainly at right angles with the shaft structure.Material in the case of the structure, which causes a direct impact to the drying chamber wall, increases the probability of the occurrence of the sticky wall.
    Design transformation of flash dryer:
    1 The original grinding chamber is circular,the angle will be reform about 5°to 10°with 32~64 series.According to testing,We found that the situation does not occur after the junction material such transformation, and can increase the crushing effect.Its direction movement of the material occurs in the inner wall, changes after the impact, effectively increasing the probability of contact with the blade material.
    2 Blade structure transformation:Plate structure to the lower part of the knife group、a combination of the upper fan-shaped crushing blade.Crushing blade divided into three layers,each has three blades,beveled blade about 10°.This can increase the effect of drying materials, crushing and rising movement.For viscous material can reduce the sticky wall phenomenon, and effectively increase the crushing effect.
    Flash drying machine is the most famous equipment in our company,our company own rich experience.About the material on the use of flash dryer also has many examples.If you need to reform the flash drying machine,welcome to contact to us.Tel:13809072359
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The above about 《The technology of molecular sieve flash dryers分子筛》,our company(Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd) talked about the advantage&feas


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