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Feedback form of choosing drying equipment

Time:2015-09-24  Creator:Yi Du

1、 Name of material_______;Molecular formula_______;PH value_______。
2、 Original state of material:_____(micro mist、powder lot、powder、lump、schistose、threadiness、filter cake、paste、ointment、solution、emulsion、turbid liquid、slurry)
3、 Other character of material:_______(flammability、explosive、agglomeration、peculiar smel、other)
4、 The name of evaporating medium_______;Molecular formula_______;PH value_____
Boiling point_____ ℃ ;Whether recovery:____(Y/N)  
5、 Initial moisture content____% ;Water containing crystal____;Moisture content after drying____% ;Residual crystal water____
6、 Initial temperature____℃ ;Post drying temperature____℃。Adopt cooling receiving:____(Y/N)
7、 Maximum temperature____℃;The best Temp____℃
8、 Softening temperature____℃;Melting point____℃
9、 Specific heat____KJ/kg. ℃;Thermal conductivity____KJ/m2.h. ℃
10、True density____kg/m3,Bulk density____kg/m3
11、Distribution range____mm(Mesh)to ____mm(Mesh);Proportion content≥____%among:Maximum grain size____mm(Mesh);Proportion content≥____% Minimum granularity____mm(Mesh);Proportion content≥____%
12、Granularity requirements for finished products____mm(Mesh)
13、Viscosity of the original state____CPS(cp);Reduce viscosity:____(Y/N);
14、Can damage:____(Can/Cannot)  
15、Product output____kg/h (Wet material handling capacity____kg/h);
16、Drying method:____(Continuous drying, dry space, dynamic drying, static drying, hot air drying, vacuum drying, microwave drying,other)
17、Similar drying method____;Dryer model____
18、Inlet air demand:____(Natural folk songs、30,000 stage filtration、10,000 stage filtration、10,000 stage filtration、other)  
19、Material requirements for drying equipment:____(Material contact part is Stainless steel,all stainless steel, titanium, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, glass lining, ptfe,other)
20、Stainless steel model:____(SUS304、SUS321、SUS316、US316L、SUS2235、other)  
21、Recovery rate requirements:≥____%;Environmental emissions requirements:≤____mg/nm3 ;Waste gas emissions requirements:≤____mg/nm3;Maximum allowable discharge requirements≤____mg/L
22、Heat medium and heat source:Heating water____℃ ;Steam____Mpa;Heat conduction oil____℃;(Electric heating, coal burning hot air stove, hot air stove, gas stove,other)
23、Heat medium and heat source:____(self, purchase, purchase,other)  
24、Cleaning and sanitation requirements for equipment:____
25、Equipment use where_____Altitude____Humidity____Maximum temperature____Lowest temperature____Average annual temperature____Other____
26、Budget investment(CNY):____ten thousand CNY
27、Other requirements:

Spray Dryer Machine is the common machine at this time.Have a good drying effect of emulsion, suspending liquid, paste and solution material.We can have fou


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