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Nitrophosphate fertilizer drying machine_Transform of phosphorite drying equipment

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Nitrophosphate fertilizer drying machine
Nitrophosphate fertilizer can be producted by nitric acid decomposition method.The mainly parts:dicalcium phosphate,ammonium tertiary phosphate and ammonium nitrate.It is similar with other fertilizer,need to get dry powder.The drying process is described as simple: ground phosphate rock had been setinto drying machine by belt,and carried out exchange heater in the drying room.After drying,set the powder into the drying equipment which was producted just;And the exhaust gas had been pull out through gas-solid separator.This drying technology is similar with Humic acid organic fertilizer drying equipment腐殖酸Ammonium phosphate fertilizer drying machineCompound fertilizer dryers复合肥,The equipment structure as shown following:
Nitrophosphate fertilizer dryers
The picture above about nitrophosphate fertilizer dryers
The more exchange of nitrophosphate fertilizer drying machine
In the process of drying, the tail gas contains a lot of dust, causing serious environmental pollution. What caused a lot of dust? After a period of time, our company has found that the main problem is in the tail gas, that is, the device in the box.
The filter material of bag filter in the picture above the polyester fibre.The traditional bag filter:When the gas through the bag, blocked off powder, anti blow.In the process of drying material,the exhaust gas into filter bag,small phosphate powder is embedded in a polyester fiber,anti blow still can not fall off.As the time wasting,with the increase of the number of particles,the bag is plug,caused the increase of pressure drop.Finally, the filtering effect is getting worse and worse, which directly affects the load of the drying equipment.
The electric dust removal equipment as piecture shown run for some times,but it still meet requirement of technology,electrical equipment failure rate is too high.In the condensation, esp awn thorn adsorption powder, resulting in decrease of the voltage and electric field, and ultimately affect the dust removal effect of the equipment.
Dry powder exhaust dust removal method
The excessive exhaust dust powder dry, mainly due to the unreasonable design of dust removing device.The use of ESP is not applicable to dry powder, and the bag bag filter material is the factors that lead to the poor effect of dust removal.We recommend using thin film filter, replacing the cyclone and bag filter.The surface of the filter bag film bag filter in coated with polytetrafluoroethylene.When powder into film bag filter,it can effectively prevent dust bag embedded in the fiber.Because the surface is very smooth, so when the dewing slag will not adhesion on the bag, anti blow can easily fall off.
Reform of drying phosphorite equipment
When the powder drying equipment dust leakage situation,first, we need to check whether the existence of equipment, such as cracking,at the same time, it is shown that the parameters of the drying parameters are set in the control cabinet.If there is still no problem, it is necessary to re adjust the device or adjust(Browse and learn more about Method of remove drying breeze exhaust),or you can contact us and get the free technical support manual.Tel:13809072359!

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