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Reason of carbon-white spray drying machine with sticking

Time:2015-10-28  Creator:Yi Du

    The above about What is carbon-white,We will white carbon black of the physical and chemical properties were briefly, and said that the domestic processing silica drying equipment has two types: spray dryer and spin flash dryer. Today is the spray dryer to introduce the processing of silica material, when there is a wall sticking phenomenon, what is the reason? And how to solve this problem.
    There is no denying the fact that there is always a sticky wall phenomenon in spray drying equipment, so it is not affected by the design of the product. Spray dryer processing silica encountered wall sticking phenomenon, what is the reason? How to deal with it?
    What is the reason for the phenomenon of the wall of the wall. According to our company for many years of experience can be judged for 3 reasons. The material itself has certain acid (acidic material itself has sticky wall phenomenon occurs); 2 feed problem (using some of the spray dryer is artificial feeding mode, material flow instability leads to larger droplets, resulting in dry not completely); 3 atomizer problem (atomization device is working properly).
    We know the cause of the white carbon black spray drying wall sticking phenomenon. Then we can looking for ways to make up: under the precondition of ensuring the quality of the products, on acidic material to neutralize acid tends to be neutral; feed with pump, uniform feed. Check the atomizer is normal work and observe the air pressure value; in the lower part of the nozzle added a vertical blade hot wind guide plate, guide the hot air.
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