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Protecting slag drying machine_Protecting slag spray drying machine reform

Time:2015-10-28  Creator:Yi Du

    Apply of protecting slag
    What is protecting slag?Product protection slag is powdery or granular, is composed of base material, flux and melting speed control agent mixture. The protective slag is characterized by thermal insulation, so that the main effects of the protection of the slag are: isolated from the air to prevent the two oxidation of steel, steel slag interface adsorption of steel liquid inclusions and lubrication of solidified shell and improve the solidification heat transfer effect.
    Protecting slag dryers
    At present,it mainly used spray drying machine,due to its high drying effect,uniform product particles and so on,it is the mainly porduction in this drying machine market.The earliest spray drying machine had been used for drying protecting slag in last century 80's,it had been reformed form traffic spray drying machine designed by XianYang Ceramic research and Design Institute.
    Energy saving problem of protecteing slag spray drying equipment
    With the continuous deepening of China's energy saving and emission reduction requirements, the spray dryer used to protect the slag drying is also facing a huge challenge. It is well known that the structure of spray dryer is limited, so the energy consumption is huge. In order to minimize the energy consumption and save the cost, our company has carried on the thorough research to the spray drying principle, and has carried on the reasonable reform to the equipment.
    Through the research we found,with the unchange inlet temp,in proportion to inlet temp,droplet temperature and evaporation of water.We known through the data of research:To increase the inlet air temperature, the heat consumption will decrease significantly(as high heating effect).
    Reform energy saving of protect slag spray drying equipment
    Decision by character of protecting slag,the inlet temp of drying machine can be 400℃~620℃.Above can be known,as the unchange inlet temp,reduce outlet temp,can reduce the temp bought out the hot air oven,increase the heating effect.
    As above thery said,our company had reform as the following:
    1 Increasing the reforming of drying town:Material has strong viscosity,and the moisture content will lower than 0.5%.And to reduce the wind temperature, get more heat mainly has the height of the drying tower. We will spray dryer of main tower of the straight barrel section additional 2m (ensure good atomizer atomizing effect), and reduce the vertebral angle increase drying finished in the residence time of the main tower).
    2 Refrom of split fan:As the Key parts,the angle setting of the distributor has been the focus of the spray dryer design. This time, our company is on the wind rotation adjustment to the angle, paint is to focus on improvement of guide plate angle.
    3 Selection of fan:In order to improve the thermal efficiency, rational use of resources, the selection of suitable wind turbine model is essential. In the dry material, it is not suitable for high pressure air blower. The negative pressure of the air blower is suitable for 400Pa to 200Pa.

The spray drying machine has become the hot machine as fast drying&good effection. Many company choose spray dryer,because of the material and market. I


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