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Energy Conservation Improvement of fluidized bed drying equipment

Time:2015-10-28  Creator:Yi Du

    Drying equipment in the whole process is always high energy consumption. With the emphasis on energy conservation and emission reduction in China, the energy saving of the drying equipment has become a hot topic in the drying industry. As a senior enterprise in this industry, we also have a full study of the subject,have shared《Energy saving measures of spray drying machine》 and 《Energy saving measures of vacuum belt drying machine真空带式干燥机节能措施》.This article as the experiement with fluidized bed about Fluidized bed Energy Conservation Improvement.
    Energy Conservation Improvement of fluidized bed drying equipment
    The drying of the fluidized bed dryer is divided into two parts, the heat source and the fluidized bed drying equipment.
    Heat source: the choice of indirect heat exchange air furnace as heat source. Compared with the heat sources such as boiler, the main advantages of hot air stove are: hot air stove is a pressure work, maintenance rate is low; the unique design can make the dye the most full combustion, increase the thermal efficiency.
    The transformation of the fluidized bed dryer: the main body of the drying equipment is transformed into a double layer cylinder, and the gas distribution hole plate is arranged between the inner and the outer cylinder. At this time, the drying principle of the fluidized bed dryer has also changed: the material to be dried from the feed inlet into the spiral surface, the lower symmetry of the dry host is set with 2 synchronous reverse rotation. Material under the influence of the surface of the gas distribution along the spiral plate from the top down to do a circular motion. The air is heated by a hot air stove and enters the device. Hot air from the inner cylinder of the distribution of the air hole into the spiral surface and material contact. At the same time along the spiral direction of the inner cylinder is provided with a small hole hole layer Bufeng, aims to supplement indoor hot air drying. This design guarantees the maximum of the heat utilization, and the operation of the material in the drying chamber is longer, and it also ensures the drying effect. Equipment for the sealing and drying process, in the mouth of the material is designed to design a soft and direct weighing the packing, to avoid the problem of leakage of material dust.
    The effect of energy saving in the fluidized bed dryer
    1 Using indirect heating hot air stove as the heat source of the drying equipment, to meet the requirements of the heat of the equipment can save energy nearly 45%.
    2 The fluidized bed dryer is transformed, and the area of the bed is reduced to 30% of the original.
    3 The drying process will not appear the leakage of material, improve the working environment of the workers, and the operation of the automation can reduce the labor intensity of the workers.
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