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Adjustment of fluidized bed dryer correctly

Time:2015-07-28  Creator:Yi Du

    There are two most important steps prompt machine operating normally:design and manufacture&Post work,Our company not only in the design of the pre drying equipment is perfect, in the installation and debugging is also very experienced.You can consult us about machine failure,Tel:13809072359
    Flubbed Dryer is common machine,it is simple structure, easy operation, has get a lot of business owners.But we also found a lot of drying equipment manufacturers in debugging fluidized bed due to debug errors, resulting in abnormal dryer operation, not only affects the life of the drying equipment, the drying effect is greatly reduced.How to debug the machine?
    There are three parts:motion of vibrating motor, shelf and material.
    Vibration motor:Select the appropriate fluidized bed dryer type vibration motor From the fluidized bed structure we can know the reason, good effect of fluidized bed dryer is the 2 vibrating motors synchronous vibration, making the material drying medium and full contact So the vibration motor must be synchronized, and the amplitude of the motor is adjusted The main motor is the movable eccentric block and fixed eccentric block to adjust the angle Due to the different nature of the material, the need for strict calculation of it.
    Shelf:The partition is mainly on the vibration isolation spring selection In a fluidized bed drying equipment, the main part of the vibration isolation system of rubber spring In order to optimize the drying effect, can avoid noise, the height of the hardness is also strictly limited This needs to be considered in the design of fluidized bed dryer, when installing and debugging needs correct installation.
    Viewing material movement:In the design of the material in the drying, drying equipment in motion simulation operation When the fluidized bed dryer was put into production before the mobile phone to pick the last tests on materials The material mainly depends on the speed of motion, and whether there is the problem of partial My company will be tested in the factory before the scene such as the occurrence of drier, partial, or material in different position and speed inconsistency is generally in the process of installation errors Check whether the installation of equipment level recommendations.
   In the progress of debug Fluidbed Dryer machine,testing different temperature and wind pressure,and communicate with each other.After the normal production, installation and debugging would completed.
    The commission of the equipment need a lot of experience, we have a lot of experiencer with a lot of experience in the commissioning team, can avoid a lot of problems. Welcome you to cooperate with us.

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