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Maintenance Procedure of Spray Drying Machine

Time:2015-07-28  Creator:Yi Du

    Current maintenance is necessary for normal operation of drying equipment.Spray dryer as a simple drying equipment also need maintenance.How to maintenance the dryer machine?
    Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd. produce all kinds of dryer.Share spray dryer maintenance steps for everyone, and regular maintenance of the correct method
    Day-to-day Maintanence
    1 Check all parts of lubricating oil for lubrication, add lubricating oil
    2 Check motor operation
    3 Check all kinds of bearing gear, whether there is noise, high temperature phenomenon
    4 Check the use of atomizing disk The presence of residual substances, whether the normal rotation of the atomizing disk is placed, the level of
    5 Check the seal is intacted
    6 Check the normal work of electric hammer
    7 Control cabinet of all kinds of instruments normal instructions
    8 Test equipment of the tail gas containing dust, record and summary
    Regular Maintenance of Dryer Machine
    After running by a period of time, the equipment needs to be regularly maintained, which is usually run for 600 hours.Regular maintenance includes:
    1 Check the filter, piping and valves, the existing material master blocked, clean it on time.
    2 Check the operation condition of the wind turbine,ensure the heat of oil and add machine oil.
    3 Check the operation of the heater, filter on the connecting pipe, oil pump and nozzle of replacement or clean.

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