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Solution&Failure of Spray Dryer

Time:2015-07-28  Creator:Yi Du

    The spray drying machine has become the hot machine as fast drying&good effection. Many company choose spray dryer,because of the material and market.
    In the current production,there are many problems after producing.The main parameter of the spray dryer is not scientific settings lead to problems.After years of summary, Changzhou drying equipment Co., Ltd. difficulty sorting out a spray dryer common fault reasons and corresponding treatment method。If the spray dryer have some problems, please contact us. Our company will help to every business to solve the problem of dry technology.
    1 Wet-milling attachment in the inwell of king-town:
    Reason:Material feeding speed is too fast, too large, resulting in dry and incomplete,Not in accordance with the equipment operation instructions in operation,the main tower is not caused by heating equipment;
    Solution:Slow feeding speed and quantity, adjust the feed pump; improve the import and export temperature; the existence of material blockage observation equipment;
    2 Products own impurity:
    Reason:The impurity is the main source of the drying medium containing impurities, the purity of the material liquid is not high, the impurities inside the equipment.
    Solution:Check the air filter, replace the filter with a long time, the material liquid sampling detection, filtering the presence of impurities; cleaning equipment;
    3 Low Recovery Rate:
    Reason:There is a problem in the cyclone separator, and the performance is low.
    Solution:Detection of cyclone separator exists gap, air tightness is intact Appropriate to increase the two stage dust according to the properties of material
    4 Particle size is not the same:
    Reason:Solid liquid containing low amount, feed processing capacity is too low will result in product powder or condition. The reason is that large size pressure is too low, not enough calories, water feed rate is too high
    Solution:The particles are too small to improve solid content liquid; increasing the feed rate while improving the inlet air temperature to prevent drying incomplete; particle methods: adjust the pressure, detect the judgment of the heating system can meet the heat demand, control rate of materials in water
    5 Difference Effect of Dust Elimination:
    Reason:The main problems existed in the bag or pulse valve.
    Solution:To observe whether it is suitable for the bag drying equipment, the replacement of the new bag cleaning bag when necessary, check the grounding detection, pulse valve is working properly
    6 Running Noisily:
    Reason:The noise of the place is the main bearing and atomizing disk.
    Solution:Check whether the atomizing disk is in balance, check whether the normal work of bearing, gear tooth damage occurs when the timely repair or replacement, check whether the correct add lubricating oil.
    There will exist some problems during the operation process.This problem is the common one.A rigorous scientific operation habit is not only to ensure the normal operation of equipment, but also improve the work efficiency, saving cost guarantee.Our company welcome New&Old customers to talk over with us.
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The spray drying machine has become the hot machine as fast drying&good effection. Many company choose spray dryer,because of the material and market. I


There are two most important steps prompt machine operating normally:design and manufacture&Post work,Our company not only in the design of the pre drying e


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