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Debug steps of Spray Dryer

Time:2015-07-28  Creator:Yi Du

    Spray Dryer Machine is the common machine at this time.Have a good drying effect of emulsion, suspending liquid, paste and solution material.We can have found some place use this machine.
    Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd. R&D spray dryer,solve the problem of spray dryer equipment for many company.These problems are mainly concentrated in the material of the sticky wall, there is the presence of impurities, higher water content.This problem occurs, the exclusion of equipment in the design of the existing loopholes, the vast majority of it is because there is no correct debugging steps.So we will tell you the principle,as the example for LPG-50.He models and debugging steps of the device is similar, such as the need to further understand the debugging of other equipment can contact me.Tel:13809072359
    Debug Steps of Spray Dryer
    1 1 Dead Work:As previously 《Use manual of Spray Dryer》, before starting to do some preparatory work Mainly check the lubrication oil is added, check whether the motor turning right, measurement of air flow and wind speed is normal (such as abnormal adjustable air duct), check equipment whether there air leakage (focus on examination of the connection part), using water test of the atomizer atomizing (which foghorn adjusted to 65-70 DEG C) to check for linear flow check row duct is blocked.
    2 Determination of Equipment Parameters:After drying, the main causes of the impurities are mainly divided into dry raw material liquid pollution, the hot air in the drying process is not clean, the drying equipment is not cleaned, and the collector is in the presence of contaminants. Regular cleaning equipment, mainly in contact with the material part of the surface at the same time to check whether the need to replace the air filter
    3 High Rate of Water Content:Material drying to meet the process requirements, the main reason is: the solid content of the material is low, the air temperature is low, the air flow is too low, the equipment selection error, etc.. Solutions are needed to address the situation in the field.
    Fault of Spray Dryer
    1 Material viscosity:The common problems of spray dryer, generally occur in the equipment design and debugging, the solution is to adjust the speed of the disc, feeding speed and the flow rate of the hot air.
    2 Own impurity:The cause is mainly divided into before drying in the drying process of hot air pollution, clean, dry cleaning equipment, the contamination of the collector Regular cleaning equipment, mainly in contact with the material surface and regularly check whether you need to replace air filter.
    3 High Percentage of Moisture:The solid content of the material is low, the inlet air temperature is low, the air flow rate is too low, and the equipment selection is wrong. Solve this problem must accroding to field situation.
    You can find other problems from 《Common Reason and Solutiong of Spray Dryer
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