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Success of Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate Dryer Equipment

Time:2015-07-31  Creator:Yi Du

        Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate Dryer Equipment
        Calcium phosphate primary can be used at the yield of fertilizer, feed, glass making, plastic manufacturing.Widely used, the market demand is relatively large.Calcium phosphate has the water absorbability, good solubility in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid.The biggest problem encountered in the process of production of calcium hydrogen phosphate two in the material will change with temperature.So in the process of drying equipment in the choice of calcium phosphate, calcium phosphate and calcium phosphate dry temperature drying time has become one of the very important parameters.Changzhou YiDu Drying Equipment CO.,Ltd. is R&D drying machine all the time.We have the rich experience in drying industry.
        Dicalcium Phosphat Drying Machine
        The initial selection of our company use dry calcium dihydrogen phosphate, monocalcium phosphate drying equipment in workshop material experiments.To control the water temperature at 30 degrees Celsius, per 100ml of water dissolved calcium dihydrogen phosphate was 1.8g.The detection value found PH solution is acidic, heating the solution, hydrolysis occurs, to dicalcium phosphate.109 degrees Celsius, the loss of crystalline water, continue to heat up to 203 degrees Celsius, it is decomposed into calcium phosphate.The temperature control is the key of the monocalcium phosphate drying process, difficult point and calcium dihydrogen phosphate dry design.
        Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate Drying Equipment
        According to the characteristic of Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate Drying.We have improved the temperature monitoring device, so that it can work in a reasonable range.And by this way we can improve technology and shorten time.
        Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate Drying Machine
        YiDu Drying is always working for customers,and develop ourselves.For several years,we have became the example in drying industry.Welcome more friends to exchange and cooperation with us
Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate Drying Machine
Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate Dryer Equipment

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